Each company has a website these days. The customers expect this from a company, as they frequently consider the internet as their main source of information. These customers also expect the website to look professional, be accessible and provide the needed information. Research proves websites are judged by visitors in the blink of an eye. This means: the visitor decides immediatly if the site is worth reading, or whether they should rather press the 'back' button.

BlueGecko Solutions can help you realize building a website. We first want to know what you expect of the site, and combine this with our vision, so in the end we have a website that you, we and the visitors like.

Every website is unique, to us too. The functionality, layout and target audience are some of the elements that influence the complexity of a website.

BlueGecko Solutions has experience with building small personal sites, as well as large complex platforms. To convince yourself, please take a look at our portfolio.


A logo is the signboard of a company. A logo with a professional appearance can mean the difference for many customers. BlueGecko Solutions can design you a tailored logo.

Of course, this can be combined with a website, so the logo will be fully integrated.

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