For people to be able to visit your website, the site should be placed online. This is performed by putting the code on a special computer (the server), which is constantly connected to the internet at high speed. A website occupies space on this server, but also generates traffic. Therefore, it is important to have a fast and secure server, but also a good connection to the web.

Hosting Plans

BlueGecko Solutions provides tailored hosting at a right price. Because every website has different needs, we created 4 different plans:

  Small Medium Large Extra-large
Webspace 100 Mb 1 Gb 2 Gb 5 Gb
Datatransfer 2 Gb 20 Gb 40 Gb 100 Gb


2 5 10 25
Databases 1 2 4 unlimited
Mailboxes 1 5 20 50
Target Small personal website Small company website Big company website Website with multimedia
Price per month* € 10 € 19 € 29 € 59

All plans come with these basic specifications:

Plesk Admin
Online administration of your hosting

Unlimited amount of addresses
Pop3 mailboxes of 20Mb with webmail
Catch-all addresses

Domain names
Maximum amount domains as listed
Unlimited amount of subdomains

PHP scripts supported
JSP scripts supported (Tomcat)
Apache::ASP scripts supported
CGI/Perl scripts supported
Frontpage extensions (on demand)

MySQL databases
PhpMyAdmin database administration
Extra databases possible (2/month per extra db)

Do you have questions about these plans ? Contact us.

* All prices exclude VAT and can be paid at a half-yearly or yearly basis. No setup-costs will be charged.

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